Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A promise to keep

What do you see on the photo? Shattered glass and spilled oranges? Correct!
Now try to see just the oranges, but on the ground, in this orange courtyard, fallen from ripeness...

I spent some time in this courtyard in Cordoba, back in September, and I felt the magic of life, love and passion returning to my life! I promised to return in the season when the oranges are ripe ... but with the man who made me feel alive again. The sound of the fruit bowl smashing into the floor reminded me to keep my promise...and so I will!


  1. "man that makes me feel alive again." Sounds beautiful and so poetic! Wish you all happiness.

  2. She's quite the poet, eh?

  3. how romantic! i hope for success in all your endeavors :)

  4. Racha, thanks so much! And by 'alive' I mean both happy and bitter moments. But that's exactly what real life is :-)

    Bart, quite a compliment :)

    Fleur, I sincerely hope so too! Thanks for reading...