Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Argentina kind of night

Travel Through Food Destination: Argentina

There are many things to appreciate in life, but good friends and good food are amongst my favorites. Put the two together and..a cold November night becomes a virtual trip to Argentina...and so enjoyable!
We chose to indulge our senses in Gauchos - a classy restaurant on the Oudegracht, specializing in Argentinian steaks.
But first some Malbec wine...full-bodied, but soft, it's the perfect conversation catalyst! Before we know it, we are laughing out loud (probably terrorizing a bit the couple on the next table).
Foreplay might be important for sexual intercourse, but when it comes to steak, I am going straight for it, no need to dull my taste buds. For the sake of variety, we order Bife De Chorizo and Bife De Lomo, with corn, fries, and house sauce.
Let me give you a piece of advice...once you taste a bite of Bife De Lomo, nothing else on the menu compares in tenderness, juiciness, and flavor! I am not a big meat
eater in general, but I could definitely tell the difference. So...don't sweat the 5 euro extra...just order the best!
The knife literary cuts through as if it's butter...Yum!
We take Ice-cream and mini-fondue for dessert. Not sure that's very Argentinian...but it's on the menu, so...
To wrap up the night in style, we stop by Zussen . Every Tuesday, they hold a Tango night...we pick our drinks and enjoy the dancing couples...conversation and laughter ongoing...completely forgetting the cold, the snow, and reality...it's an Argentina kind of night... :)


  1. Nicely done, the sepia pics!

  2. Hi Iliana: take it from the "locals" (i.e. me)... go to a "speto corrido". There is one in Amsterdam, it is called "Samba kitchen". It is a place where you can eat as much as you like of BBQ meat (for like 25 euros). And the best meat, no worries there. The brazilians also have excellent "carne"... and you get the plus of the "caipirinhas".

  3. Ofelia, thanks for the tip! Excelent point about the Caipirinhas too :) Let's do it!