Saturday, June 09, 2012

One happy day of my life

Today was a Saturday and here's how it rolled... Woke up at 9, housemate still asleep. Took a shower, dressed up and headed out. At 10:30 I met my friend Liz, who's visiting from the UK. I've known Liz for most of my time in UK, but the friendship was born on my last day in UK, over beer, at my going away party. We spent two and a half hours at my favorite DE cafe, happily chatting away, catching up on stories and discussing the future.
It's then time to walk home, pick up my housemate Hector and take him to the train station. Lucky chance and a bit of craziness brought us together, we shared my flat for two months, now he got a job and is ready to fly the coop. I'll miss him.

Next to the station is another favorite of mine - Cafe de Olivier. There Liz quickly makes friends with the pub cat, .
Liz and I philosophy about life over bitterbollen, downing two Orvals and a Brugse Zot. Lekker! It's close to 3pm, and it's finally time for her to head to Amsterdam. We hug and promise to meet again soon...we only don't know where...
Next I meet Susanne - I'm initiating her into my 'Saturday routine': Having a coffee and buying fresh flowers every Saturday morning (it's always morning somewhere). With two big bunches of peonies in hands, we decide to be adventurous and try a new place for late lunch. Mammoni turns out a success! Food is great and conversation too.
Finally I head home to put on my brand new orange dress and go to my neighbor's where we are watching the NED-DEN game of the EuroCup. I arrive minutes before the game starts and I'm still the first of the guests. We drink beers, watch the game, play with their toddler.
At 23:00 I go home and Skype my sister. Then get ready for bed...after two months I'm sleeping again in my Hastens bed.
I call it a happy day! Seeing my friends, being myself, doing the simple things, smiling and feeling at peace. Loving it!