Saturday, April 10, 2010


These last few days I let myself wake up whenever my body feels like it...the time or the day matter only so much...I'm in the middle of my month off between jobs, between countries, between lives...
My brain is awake, my body rested, eyes half open... blue sky...from the comfort zone of my Hastens bed I am so positive :)
It's Saturday - Flower Market Day. But before heading out and taking my Dunlop bike for a ride, I'll set the routine for Saturday mornings...
Opened the window for some fresh air, 'Sex and the City' DVD in the player,
coffee maker on, while I'm squeezing two oranges into a glass, cube of ice to cool it, and a glass of water - because it's good for me :)
Quick and simple breakfast - piece of baguette with a couple of slices young Gouda cheese.
The Sun is peeking in already, a few rays reflect in the glass of orange juice as if trying to steal it...I smile.
A second later, in an armchair, I am enjoying a perfect weekend morning in Utrecht ...Good morning, everyone! :)