Monday, November 15, 2010

Christmas is near

To think about Christmas in July is probably a bit too early, but once September is over...there comes this time, and it is different every year, there is this special moment when I know it with all my senses that Christmas is near. It could be a song on the radio, it could be someone on the street wrapped in a soft scarf, it could be a cup of hot chocolate, or the scent of freshly baked cookies... something very clearly will draw my attention and it will make me smile...cause Christmas is around the corner! And Christmas is the time when everything is wonderful!
This year it happened on October 22, in the attic apartment of a special friend of mine.
I went for an overnight visit, we walked a bit through town, got some groceries, cooked dinner, ate, chatted, laughed, browsed the Internet together, listened to some music and went to bed.
The morning came seemingly like any other morning...shower, light breakfast, quickly going over out daily plans, sipping Tazo tea...and that's when it hit me...the feeling of Christmas - while the rain was getting stronger outside, and some wind was picking up too...inside the four walls of this apartment, I felt the overwhelming comfort of a daily routine, the joy of simply being myself with a close friend, the warm air coming from the radiators felt like a fluffy soft blanket I wanted to hide into, it felt so cozy, so peaceful...I didn't want this moment to end! It was magical, it felt like Christmas!

The smile is still lingering on my face...I'm making Christmas plans, I'm looking for Christmas cards, and a few presents too!
I am looking forward to a very happy holiday season, and sharing it with some of you!

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