Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Why it's worth checking your bank account :-)

Checking your bank account balance once a month or so is a good idea not only if you are on a tight budget. But with so many things queueing for my attention lately, I had forgotten to do so in a while. It was the intent of splurging on an iPhone that lead me to checking my bank account today and here is what I found. In the Netherlands, when you transfer money to someone, you can leave a message along with the transaction instructions.
This is the note my Babe had left for me...

Ik zit hier voor het vensterraam
mij ontzettend te vervelen
Ik wou dat ik twee hondjes was
Dan konden we samen spelen

I'm sitting at the window
I am very bored
I wish I had two dogs
Then we could play together
(translated with Google)

Thank you, M.! It took me ONLY 19 days to find it :) The ball is now in my court...

And for the record, my bank account looks good. An iPhone is in my future :)


  1. Ah yes, that is a very famous (and playful!) piece of poetry! The translation misses the point, though, but that's to be expected when translating wordplay:

    I wish I was two puppies
    so we could play together

    As for the iPhone, each June a new iPhone model is introduced. I'd wait a bit...

  2. Bart, thanks a lot for the correct translation! I like it a lot more.

    Fleur, thanks!