Wednesday, January 05, 2011

2011 already? :-)

It's hard to belive that a month went by without me posting a new blog entry! Because I had a great time and there are so many stories waiting to be shared. If you'd feel better, I haven't been very up to date on FaceBook either... I just decided for once to enjoy myself w/out going on record :) But the sweetness of December still lingers, and January is starting, I'll be writing soon!
Enough excuses, yet, please be understanding of my choice :)

I hope you all had a lovely holiday season and you welcomed the new year with proper festivities. And even if's long as you promise to have a festive 2011 ;-)
I wish you all very very happy new year!!!



  1. happy new year! it's been a while since you posted a new blog and found Netherlands on my flag counter. may you have a wonderful 2011.. :)

  2. Dear Fleur, happy new year to you too! Many wishes to come true! And may be we meet one day! :)

  3. Good to know that you had fun. And, you are right, sometimes it is nice to just enjoy something and not share it. Keep having a good time.

  4. i really do hope I could go visit Netherlands someday.. and if i'll be willing to help if you're interested to pay Philippines a visit :)