Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sunday companion

Most of my weekends since moving to Australia have not been too eventful. To make peace with the fact I tell myself: 'When I'm staying home I'm saving money for the trips to Great Barrier Reef and Uluru.' 
By chance, my living room is facing an electric pole - it's an electric lines crossroad. I like it, because often birds will line up and cheer me up with their chirping. 
Today the weather is moody. Clouds cover the sky since the morning, and it's been rather gloomy. Then it started raining - annoying drizzle and gusty wind.  
But this one magpie stayed there - on the electric line, despite the rain, for quarter of an hour. It didn't care that it's cold and wet. The wind didn't ruffled its feather, it seemed.
When the rain band passed, the magpie shook off the water and sang its song. Really?!
I often joke that if there were a singing contest for birds around the world, the Aussie ones would be the losers. The lyrebird, which is amazing at mimicking any sound , doesn't even have its own song. As for the magpie - in my opinion, they sound just like opening an old squeaking iron door.
But back to my companion today - it just stood there, singing, in the gray Sunny afternoon.
The pictures I took are not in black and white, that's exactly what the view from my window looked like.
Luckily, the weather in Melbourne is very changeable, and the blue sky soon won over the gray clouds. Shortly after the magpie flew away to play with its friends...and that's how my story ends :)


  1. Beautiful pics... you think you could post hi-res versions for my desktop?

    1. Thanks, Bart! Will email you the hi-res.

  2. Where we live, I can hear the birds but very seldom can see them at close quarters. This was some interesting bird watching :). Do you know the koel. It has the sweetest, sing song voice. Sometimes I love to sing along with it :).

    1. I had to google the Koel - I like its singing. I find seagulls singing funny - they always sound like laughing at something :)

  3. Nice pics. Great that you got to hear a song that cheered you up!
    Best wishes for saving the money for the grand trips you plan :)

  4. Thank you, Anita! I completed the trips mentioned in this post - it was wonderful. Perhaps I should write about them...Of course, by now I composed a new list of destination :)