Sunday, October 07, 2012

Let's count from 0 to 100

See the movie below ...

This is one way to learn counting in Dutch....
But it's not what I meant to tell you today :)
I saw the movie again and again, and I can't help it but notice how the mood changes after 70. As if in our 70s we fear facing the inevitable - taxes and dead, and I refer to the second one. It looks like the people in their 80 are pleasantly surprised they have made it through the sifter. They seem happy to live yet another day - stress-free of life's demands and expectations.
I simply love the energy of the lady of 99 :)
I don't know how long I will count and in what language that will be, but I wish I have her enthusiasm no matter what my age is. And that means... now! :)


  1. haha 70 and 80 is too far away. Live in the moment is how it works for me :).

  2. As long as I've got a job and a roof above my head, I just won't allow myself stress.

  3. @Rachna Is it really that far? I never thought 40 will come so soon, but here it is :)

    @Bart Way to go! :)

  4. can i repost? i dont know why but im becoming teary-eyed nostalgic! :)

  5. Of course :) But now I have to write something funny to make you smile :)

  6. This is funny to see. I was imagining how would be people's face if this video was made in Brazil.

    1. I also pictured how it would be in Bulgarian :)