Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Kids will always be the same

Twenty seven years ago. A 6th grader woke up and realized she forgot to write her homework. Yes, that was me. I used to hate writing review essays. That day we had to turn in our reviews of Botev's portrait, a Bulgarian poet and revolutionary. Embarrassed and even scared of what the outcome might be I got up and unwillingly dragged myself to my parents bedroom. I woke up my Dad and asked for help. Picture that - my Dad in his pajamas, messy hair, holding my textbook, staring at Botev's portrait, and dictating my essays...just like that. Me - diligently writing the sentences in my notebook, under the light of a candle. Yep, to make things worse, that day there was a power outage. I got an 'A'.

Fast forward...

Today - I wake up and see a WhatsApp message from my niece:
- 'Can you help me with a logarithmic equation?'
- 'Yes. Get on Skype.'
- 'Ok, I'm sending you a photo of the equation.'

I open my laptop and start Skype, while looking at the photo of the equation. Admittedly, I had to refresh my Math memory with a bit of googling, but I know how to solve it. I write down the solution. When my niece pops on Skype I turn the piece of paper towards the camera and point with the pen to each line, explaining how things are done. Luckily she gets it from the first time. Problem solved. She asks me with a trace of jealousy: 'How did you come up with the solution?'. Oh sweetie, you are only 15, you will learn how... :) Then very quickly she adds - 'Ok, I gotta go to bed now, it's 23:30 here.' Poor thing had waited for me to wake up and help. Cause I'm in Melbourne and she is in Madrid.
No matter the year, the technology and the distances - kids will always be the same...forget their homework, then ask for help. And how great is to start your day like that - in your pajamas, helping a child.


  1. So cute and you are such a good aunt :). My dad would never help me with homework come hell or high water. And, I was such a self-righteous child, always doing my homework on time and studying on my own. If any help was needed, it was big sis. She is the best sis in the world. Even today, she is always there for me. Oops, I digressed so much :). My kids, they know it is mom they have to come to when homework needs help!

    1. Thanks, Rachna! And hopefully your kids give you enough headsup time when help is needed :)

  2. Awww that's so sweet! I bet your niece loves to have this adventurous aunt who helps her from the other side of the planet. As an aside, you now have some karma to burn :-)

    1. Thanks for the 'karma' reminder, Bart! Just wait till your niece and nephew grow up ;-)

  3. Returning the visit. :) And duly noted that you have clearly got the 'cool aunt' tag down pat. ;) Big Hugs Ili.

  4. Anonymous5:12 AM

    Once upon a time, I used to be a calculus whiz. And the other day I couldn't qualify for a calculus course on What a shame. I wish one day I have enough time to just read calculus and other things, I used to be good at and have lost all touch now, for days together :)