Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Seeing the world with new eyes

Do you happen to own a copy of Paulo Coelho's 'The Pilgrimage'?
Yes, just like the one shown on the left!
Have you ever paid attention to the side of the book?
No? I haven't either until tonight, when it just so happened that under the sadness of the moment I had lost my life direction and said...WHATEVER!!!
I always believed that one have to embrace his or her life 'as is' in order to find the strength to move on...well, right when I had nothing to hope for and I let myself to just be...I noticed the typo ... :-)

Yes, look at your copy of the book and I'm sure some of you will find 'The Pilrimage', instead of 'The Pil[G]rimage'!!!
Quite a coincidence may be, but yes, one has to alsmot give up on everything one believes or expects to see in order to see the world with new eyes!

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