Monday, October 30, 2006


This last weekend we gave up one more time on the Daylight Saving Time and reverted to Standart Time. For an hour we were in no one's time...Curious what I did in this extra time?

For a little bit I thought of the silliness of the concept to have time, as in hours, minutes, seconds... Who started the madness of having to live in a grided space?
A day late with a payment and you get charged extra for your bills, an hour late for work and you get called into your boss's office, a minute late and you miss your flight... 'Time management' is the new skill we are 'lacking' if we decide to go with the flow and ignore the clock. And the sad fact is that Google will return 6,130,000 entries for 'stress management' versus 15,900,000 for 'time management'...
I chose to put my bets on 'stress management' , and for the rest of the 'gifted hour' I enjoyed my rabit story reading 'Watership down'.

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