I'm blogging because I enjoy reaching out, stirring a conversation, sharing opinions, reflecting on life, hearing back from you, and connecting. If I can ease your day in any way or entertain you, it's all the better!

Thanks to my friend Nancy Jesse, a poet and short stories writer, I discovered the world of creative non-fiction. I learned to write from award-winning memoirists Beth Finke, David W. Berner, and Anette Gendler. I workshopped memoir pieces with Marion Roach Smith, Lily Danciger, and Mary Kay Shanley. Producer Rhonda J. Miller taught me the art of the interview. I have Iowa Summer Writing Festival, Off-Campus Writing Workshops, Story Studio Chicago, Creative Nonfiction Foundation, Chicago Writers Association, American Writers Museum, and Pink Pangea to thank for continuously developing my writing skills.

As of recently, I started teaching memoir writing in my community.

Thank you for being here,



  1. Hi Ilana: I think I am on your blog. Will now read it.
    Sharon Kramer

  2. Hi, Shamisen,
    Super interesting blog😁 Can you email me privately.