Sunday, February 26, 2012

A week in Auckland - a teaser

Up until 30 minutes ago my hair was still styled by the winds between Waiheke island and Auckland, and tiny grains of sand from Oneroa beach were still clinging to my skin. As much as I wanted them to stay with me and remind me of one of the most amazing sunsets I've ever seen...after about 30 hours of flights and airports, I needed a long hot shower.
Now the scent of sea is only a memory, and a gentle aroma of Shea butter soap is wrapping my body. But the Sun kisses are still all over my face and neck...the evidence that the good time in New Zealand was not just a dream, that the overwhelming lightness of walking Piha beach was for real. Far far and away, but real and so simply beautiful.

Stay tuned for the full story and pictures :)


  1. Thirty hours in transit, that's a long time but I bet it was worth it! Looking forward to the pics.

  2. Lucky you! Next time take me along :). I really want to go to NZ and South Africa some day. I am sure you have some interesting stories to tell.

  3. Todd (I don't know Margo) Chester11:41 PM

    No, not a dream, but already too far away...and I still keep trying to order a 'take away flat white' to blank stares of confusion. *sigh*

  4. Guys, thanks for your comments...about time I say something back :) And I still owe you the full story... :)

    Todd Chester, I can order 'flat white' now ;-)