Sunday, January 22, 2012


You know these days when you wake up with a tune in your head? For no particular reason?

Today I woke up with the melody of Bob Seger's 'Mainstreet' in my head, the guitar solo so clear. I found it on YouTube and listened to it. Again and again...

"I remember standing on the corner at midnight
Trying to get my courage up
There was this long lovely dancer in a little club downtown
I loved to watch her do her stuff...'

I don't normally pay attention to song's lyrics, for me it's all about the music. But how surprisingly matching the words were to the confident guitar solo, the soothing beat of the song...and how hard I've been trying to get my courage up lately.

I love moments like this, when a few things will line up and synchronize - mood, music, words...
It feels blissfully perfect! And it gets my courage up!

Which tune did YOU wake up to?
How do you get YOUR courage up?
Take a moment and share a story...

And to get you in the mood, here is Mainstreet...


  1. Heh pretty funny, as opposed to you, I really make an effort to look up and learn the lyrics. I have to, because with all the screaming and grunting in heavy metal, you really don't get a clue what it's about otherwise :-)

    That being said, here's my favorite uplifting song:

    "I will not relent no no
    Never live with defeat, never falter
    This like the air that I breathe"

    Just like your song, there's this excellent guitar solo (at 02:30 in the Youtube clip).

  2. I have to know the lyrics. I find it discomforting if I don't. I have some favorites in Hindi. Can't think of any in English.

    How to lift one's spirits? I guess, thinking about a beautiful memory/ies. It works most times even if a single person is causing you to feel down :). In general, the soothing sound of waves or water or the chirping of birds or a nice warm hug from Coco (he is always willing and obliging with a hug) does the trick :).

  3. This is a song of hope from the movie Iqbal. The movie was awesome too -- a story of triumph. it is in Hindi, so you can just hear it without understanding :).

  4. Thank you guys for the comments! I think the habit of not listening to the words much is because in early age I only spoke Bulgarian, and most of the songs were in different languages - French, Italian, English... time to outgrow the habit :)

    Rachna, the song sounds very positively! thanks :)