Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Who said dreams don't come true ... literary!

A few years ago, in a dream I had, I was talking to a friend, holding old black&white photos in my hand. As I placed the photos on the table to show her, something unexpected happened - every photo played the last few moments of time before the picture was taken, as if in a movie, and then it would stop and be a still shot. The most vivid one was of a woman's face turning away and towards the camera, playing coy, laughing, the wind blowing through her hair. I woke up, but the dream was so vivid, that I could not wait to tell a couple of friends about it. I even came up with the idea of exhibiting my still photos on-line and attaching a suitable music peace to each. We all agreed it was a cool dream, an interesting idea, but that's how far we got.

Imagine my reaction today to a link a friend posted on FaceBook: Jamie Beck' and Kevin Burg's animated GIFs portfolio is sooooo close to what I saw in my dream (sound still missing!). Especially the photos of the girls with wind in their hair...

Steping aside from my dream, I must say - Good job, Jamie and Kevin!!!

Some of the photos touch me in yet anoher way. Remember the last time you felt blisfully happy...when everything is nearly perfect, and you don't want this moment to go away, when you want to freeze time and stay there, for ever!...but a little movement, like a flickering candle flame, or a passing by taxi, remain in motion to remind you that you are still alive?... Jamie's photos remind me of these beautiful times...

What I wanted to say is ... dreams do come true (literary!) and the most amazing moments of our lives will be kept in our memories as long as we cherish them with our hearts. As for beauty..."Things are pretty, graceful, rich, elegant, handsome, but, until they speak to the imagination, not yet beautiful" (Ralph Waldo Emerson).


  1. Ofelia, all photos are Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg's work. But I will pass on the compliment! :)

  2. so interesting! Your reaction was exactly mine and Kevin's reaction when we created our first cinemagraph. It was this moment in time that could live forever. Ahh, I love your article, it encourages me!

  3. The pics are amazing! How do they do this animated stuff?