Wednesday, September 29, 2010

old poetry


We crossed the line too many times
Both, with kindness and with selfishness
It isn’t clear where we stand
I need to redefines my boundaries
You want me as a trusted friend
I want you as a friend and lover
And while I’m keen on ‘open-end’
Doubt in your heart is hovering
Not the we are any perfect
Match selected by the stars
But I felt our hearts were pumping
stronger closely, than apart...
(June 2010)


...I have to trust
when nothing else is option ...
My strengths and weaknesses adjust -
part of an unstoppable comotion
called life, and lust
for it - the magic potion,
,I have to trust,
will take me through the motions...
(June 2010)


I felt an urge to tell you all -
answer the questions I ignored
As time is passing, my shield gets torn -
I trust you with my soul

You say I’m deep and fun, at once -
could I be otherwise? I wonder…
Like butterfly performing dance
around a flame, without burning…I’m syncing our sins
(May 2010)


...the food is always so delicious,
the wine is smooth, the bread is fresh,
pretend we not to be judicious,
and easily succumb to flesh...

you see by now two tangled bodies,
refuse I firmly such decoy
you feel like God, i feel like Goddess,
let's take it slow and just enjoy...
(April 2010)


We live through UPs and DOWNs...
What is an UP, what is a DOWN?
Is it 'Give UP' the right direction?
Is it 'Calm DOWN' a wrong sugestoin?
My happiness might make one sad...
My sunrise is someone's sunset...
My only choice is ... move along,
I have to be and I am STRONG!
(July 2001)


I put all the pieces together
and glue them into a whole Me -
laughing, loving, happy...whatever
I've been always meant to be...
(June 2001)

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