Friday, November 30, 2007

Beautiful Karlsruhe

Beautiful Karlsruhe ... if only I had a chance to see it! :)
AMMA was a great conference, but when the bus picks you up every day at 7:30am and drops you at the hotel between 8pm and 1am...sorry for the sarcasm :)
My feeling is that the city is nice, but will have to confirm and get back to you on that one. For sure it has a couple of nice breweries, a few decent bars and a live Chrismat market in Decemnber :) Oh, and don't forget the zoo, which for some reason takes a central place in the city layout.
But again, truth to be said, Karlsruhe has its charm!
Tonight was the first and only night to get to glipmse at the city, and to have my second gluehwein for the season. Prost!
Lesson of the night: the more one sips from the cup, the more handsome the men seem, the easier German language gets, the warmer the weather becomes ...from the inside out :)
Well, Karlsruhe offered a few more memorabilia events, but ... what happens at AMMA stays within AMMA, so... ;)
Viva La Ciencia!!!

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