Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Purple story

This story is about the color purple... Remember? A few blogs ago I announced purple to be the color of this Spring. Seems like I made the right choice... My South African friend Nadia wears at least one piece of clothes in that color at any given time, makes her olive green eyes even more poetic. One night Nadia was sitting comfortably in her armchair, legs crossed into lotus, knitting a sweater in yet another shade of purple. I had to ask...why purple?... There was once a math teacher in a school - a small tiny man, a gay, a drama queen, blow drying his hair every day into a perfect bob. He would intimidate the poor students about the color of the paper they have used to cover their textbooks with. And when it was time for purple... he would proudly, with that memorable flick of his eyebrow state that...purple is the color of sexual frustration! About a year ago, I spent a night with a guy who owned a purple shower bag. I believe he was not sexually frustrated. But the oddest question popped in my head then. If I fall madly in love with a man, and the price to be with him would be to live in a place without any other colors but shades of purple, would I choose to be with this man, or would I surrender to the colors which I love - blue, green, brown... And as life has its strange ways of conveying a message ... my life is becoming purple. I will be enjoying a Deep Purple show in May...and until then, you got it right... sexual frustration rules...;-)

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  1. :-)... you wrote it down so beautifully...thanks for this memory