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Five senses, five stories: A Writing Workshop
Date: TBD (please inquire about dates) 

We rely on our senses to experience the world around us. Our brains process what we see, hear, touch, smell, and taste. Sensation and perception are fundamental to understanding, behaving, and thinking. A sound, a scent, a taste, or an image can easily send us back in time to something that happened to us. Conjuring up a mental picture of the memory, enhanced by the senses, can bring it to life. Often this frees powerful emotions that we could lean into, harness, and write a moving memoir piece.

Join me for an interactive writing workshop and:
- witness why writing for the senses is potent 
- evoke stories imprinted by sensual experiences with the help of prompts
- recollect and capture a story (or more) on the page
- share with and get feedback from other participants 
This workshop will lead you to express yourself in new ways and reflect on past experiences that have imprinted your life. 

We respect your privacy and should you choose so you could use a pen name for the Zoon session. 

When: 27 June 2021, Chicago Noon, New York 1 PM, London 6 PM 
Duration: 1 hour
Location: Online
Investment: 20 USD

How to register?
Please make a payment using this PayPal link and make sure to put your contact info in the "Add a note" box. You will receive an email confirmation and the Zoom event info within 24 hours, sent to your email associated with the PayPal payment. Payments are fully refundable if the workshop is canceled.
Email me with any questions you might have:


"The course was a valuable asset catering to everyone in the class. We had the opportunity to express ourselves and engage with one another. Iliana provided handouts with explanations of various terminologies and ideas so that, regardless of one's background, we were all on the same page when she presented the material to us. I learned quite a bit. Some of the tips I found to be relevant for other types of communication as well. Everyone has a story and I found myself intrigued by the stories others shared, and what drew them to attend the course.” ~Stella A.

"The workshop was very good and provided very useful ideas. I would be interested if you teach another one." ~Carolyn T.

"What an incredible time together!" ~Marilyn S.

"Thank you for making this experience a safe, creative space for me. The encouragement you provided is a seed planted." ~Rose P.

"The workshop was very useful and inspiring altogether." ~Akira A.

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