“While we teach, we learn.” ~Seneca


Please email me if interested in my writing workshops. See below for past offerings.


"The course was a valuable asset catering to everyone in the class. We had the opportunity to express ourselves and engage with one another. Iliana provided handouts with explanations of various terminologies and ideas so that, regardless of our background, we were all on the same page when she presented the material to us. I learned quite a bit. Some of the tips I found to be relevant for other types of communication as well. Everyone has a story and I found myself intrigued by the stories others shared, and what drew them to attend the course.” ~Stella A.

"The workshop was very good and provided very useful ideas. I would be interested if you teach another one." ~Carolyn T.

"What an incredible time together!" ~Marilyn S.

"Thank you for making this experience a safe, creative space for me. The encouragement you provided is a seed planted." ~Rose P.

"The workshop was very useful and inspiring altogether." ~Akira A.

Past teaching engagements

Five senses, five stories
Virtual Workshop, 21 June 2021

Memoir Writing for Everyone, Albany Park CPL
Workshop, 5 November 2019

Write Your Story - A Memoir Writing Gym
Meetup Series, April - December 2019

Memoir Writing for Everyone, Uptown CPL
Workshop, 25 May 2019

Brio Memoir Writing Workshop
Workshop, 22 & 28 May 2019

Memoir Writing for Seniors (co-lead with Beth Finke)
January-March 2019

How to improve my resume?
HRHotSeats Meetup, 12 February 2019

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