Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ajax:Veendam 3:0

The first time I went to a live soccer game (excuse my American way of addressing football!) must have been back in the late '70s - early '80 when Dad took me to a game of Trakia, my home town's team. It was at about the same time Dad took me fishing with him for the first time... He must have been really disappointed that his second child (me!) was again a girl if he was trying so hard to instill in me some manly hobbies...anyway!
I remember I was bored, very bored, especially after I finished the two packs of sunflower seeds. I fell asleep. Then I was awaken by the crowd's shouts and screaming...we won! And then I was happy to go home.

Thirty-something years later I went again to a live soccer game - tonight!, free ticket! (Thanks Carlos!), Biljna Arena Amsterdam!, watched Ajax : Veendam!
The weather could have definitely been more merciful! We didn't really need the thunders and lightnings, and pouring rain, and gusty winds flipping umbrellas left and right...but, hey, at least I wasn't freezing cold :-)

Observations and random thoughts:
1) The stadium seemed smaller than when seen on TV.
2) The lights were nice and bright!
3) Ajax was definitely the better team!
4) The players seemed younger than I expected...perhaps because I'm used to watching Marco van Basten and Ruud Gullit, when I was a teenager... Trivia of the day: Did you know that Ruud Gullit and I have the same Birthday?...only I am 10 years younger? ;-)
5) The hotdog and the beer were good! I just wished it was a bit warmer so I can have another beer...
6) I should have bought an Ajax the least!

Long story short - it was great fun!
I've been passing by the Arena many times now, on the train, and every time I think 'I should take a photo for my Dad'...Now I think, perhaps I should get him a ticket to see! Hoping he would enjoy the game more than me...thirty-something years ago... :)

Monday, November 08, 2010

My first trip to Japan (Part 1)

A multitude of reasons sent me on my first trip to Japan. Many people and events intertwined making it impossible to pinpoint what actually started it all. Was it out of curiosity what I would see? Was I hoping to gain some wisdom along the way? Or was I just tired...and seeking an escape from reality? Regardless of the tipping story goes like that...

A few years earlier I became a Reiki practitioner - a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. Mikao Usui, a japanese buddhist started it, and I wanted to go to his land, to submerge in his culture, the culture of Asia - so much spoken of, yet, perceived differently by each of us.
Shiatsu is another Japanese alternative medicine approach I'm very fond of - one that treats the reasons for an illness, not the subsequences...How wise!
My love for nature and beauty lead me to Ikebana- the Japanese art of flower arrangements...
Further on, Origami - the Japanese art of paper folding, which is as much fun as creating beauty...

The people involved in this trip are a few...
Diana - best of friend without which my first months in Tucson, AZ would have been unbearable, but with some kindness and a few jokes, she made it all much easier.
Keita - my Japanese boyfriend at the time, who taught me to accept our cultural differences and to love him despite not always understanding him.
Saori - a quite Japanese girl, who was always willing to hear my problems, yet never shared hers. And I'm sure she had some too.

With an on-going divorce at the time too, I went to the beginning of the day, to the land of the Rising Sun, hoping I'll find what was missing... tiny pebbles to fill the mosaic of my days, in a more harmonious way, with more light and hope in the future... be continued...

Friday, November 05, 2010


It must be totally random who and how ends up reading my blogs... outside of my circle of friends, that is.
But it is always such a great feeling to find out that someone you don't know - next door or perhaps across thousands for miles, has read a story you wrote and enjoyed it! Because I like to share the good times...

In an attempt to reach more travel lovers and share amazing travel experiences ... I joined Twitter.
So now I'm not only a Globe-Trotter, but a Globe-Twitter too :)

Photo: Bataviawerf Twitter, 28 September 2010 (

ps. Roel, thanks for spotting the typo! :)

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

I Love Travel

There are many things that I find fun to do and intriguing to learn about.

However, the one thing that I have grand passion for is travel.

To me, travel could be as multifaceted and vibrant as you would want it to be.

I truly enjoy traveling in any of its many variations.

This blog is about sharing my passion...


Sunday, October 31, 2010

Beer tasting party

The Facts:

55 beers were emptied
24 beers are still in my fridge
15 attendees (13 tasting-experts, 1 pregnant lady, 1 dog)
4.2 bottles average beer intake
2 severe hangovers

The Story:

It was back in July, warm summer evening, I went for dinner and drinks with Bart and Erik. One thing led to another and I learned that it was not only my Dad experimenting with home made spirits. Erik and his Dad were trying to brew their own beer. Attaboys! Of course, I had to twist Erik's arm to promise that when the beer is ready we will try it.
Fast forward a couple of months...Erik reported that the beer is ready, it was time to taste it! So we threw a beer tasting party!
(But not before I secretly tasted the home-brewed-liquid gold...and gave it two thumbs up ;-) ... )

To be honest, I did not expect who knows what from the party. I recently hosted a Wine tasting party too and I was wondering if people won't just think of me as an May be I am not far off on that last statement, but I was wrong on my expectation...
I was so happy to see with how much enthusiasm everybody embraced the idea. Each of us was supposed to bring 5 unusual beers. Most of the beer came from Belgium (God Bless Belgium!), but we also had beer from Japan, Tanzania, Mexico, The Netherlands - including some local Utrecht beer!, Switzerland, USA, Scotland, Australia...and the most unusual one was the Coconut beer from Germany/Gana!!! Aside from Coconut and hop, we also tasted berry, cherry and banana beers. Strength-wise, we went from 4.6% (Corona) to 10% (Maredsous). Bottle sizes varied from 330ml to 750ml. Amazing variety, any way you slice it!!!
The Pragt's beer was a total success too...judging by the fact that even my hidden reserve bottle of it was open and gone... :-)
Good job, Erik!

To wrap it up, I'll simply say...I had an awesome time! With friends like that life is festive, fun, fabulous!!! With or w.out the beer... :-) Thank you for coming and I hope you enjoyed it too!

The Photos:

The evening in photos...CLICK HERE

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


It's been a while since the last time a friend had a baby. But this year 5 friends are buying dippers, strollers, pacifiers and all that jazz. One in US, one in UK, one in Spain, and two in the Netherlands! Amazing!

Today I was very happy to hear that my friends Diana and Don had their Joshua on the 16th of October! Congratulations! :)
Diana is my best friend from the time we started playing with science. We've had so much fun times in Sofia, Japan, Alaska, Vegas and Washington...Andi, shall we go again to Thomas' land? :-)

I'm looking forward to adding four more photos to this blog ... :-)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

let's play

I promise to explain this post soon, but for right now...let's play :-) Would you spear just a moment of your time and particilate in the pole to the right - Will I move yet again to another country, and this Australia? Thanks for your vote! :)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

For whom the sirens go off

The other day a friend in Groningen twitted: 'De sirenes van de ambulance zijn geweldig om te horen, zelfs 's nachts. Elke keer denk ik: weer potentieel een leven gered!' / 'The sirens of the ambulance are great to hear, even at night. Every time I think, again potentially a life is saved!' The moment I read it I experienced an overwhelming realization and a flashback... A realization why exactly I've always liked the sound of ambulance sirens, and a flashback from my childhood. I must have been 5-6 years old, we were in the city with my Mom, and an ambulance with the siren on drove by. I'd never seen ambulance before, so my Mom explained that ambulances take sick people or pregnant women who are about to deliver to the hospital. Perhaps in my childish mind, 'sick' was already scary word, so I said 'I hope this ambulance was taking a lady to the hospital to have a baby'. And then I clung to my Mom's arm. And only the other night I realized that every time I hear an ambulance, I hear hope... Thanks Erik, for putting it so simple, yet so moving... Fun fact - Did you know that the ambulance siren sound in UK and US is different from the one in continental Europe? :-) For the US/UK click here and for Europe click here.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Autumn morning

I love today's October morning. Spotless blue sky, Sun is out, air is cool and fresh, but not yet chilly. I have wrapped myself in a blanket of calmness, and I sit in the the garden with my morning coffee, and a cookie. My face is one big smile, my eyes are smiling hearth beat is steady and strong. The street is quite, but from the distance comes the ocean-like sound of the cars on the highway. Life out there continues. I hear the doorbell, my ride to Diakonessenhuis is here. ... Two hours later I'm back home - the heavy white 'knee-to-toe' cast is left behind in the hospital. Pfew! What a relief!!! I have a new cast now - but much smaller one, as small as I could negotiate with the cast-maker. Good job, Iliana! It's blue and it almost looks stylish compared to the big chunky old one. And I can actually walk on my own - short distances, but still, a BIG step forward!!! For longer distances I'll still need the crutches. I am not allowed to drive, but I am allowed to bike. OK, I won't try it right away, because the foot muscles need to warm up for a day or two, but I'm on the way to healing...3 more weeks! But let me tell you how GREAT it feels that I can walk again, I am not prisoned at home anymore, I can go on the street and see people, I can slowly go to the park and look at the beautiful Autumn colors...I can even go to work (but tomorrow!)... Ah, the sweetness of freedom! The promise of the Autumn morning...

Sunday, October 10, 2010


It's been 7 days with crutches. All along my friend Mette is telling me it's time for me to learn to enjoy just sitting on the sofa and do nothing. But can I? While I started to get used to the fact that I will be slow physically in the next three weeks...I could not slow down my mind, so I thought of the choices we make and how they shape us...because if I had not chosen to wear high heels for my date on Sunday, I would have (probably) not broken my feet and so on...
So, here are the choices I thought of...feel free to add yours...

Go on a date with the guy YOU LIKE, or with the guy who LIKES YOU
On a sunny day, sit on the COUCH with your cast, or sit in the GARDEN with your cast
On a rainy day, sit on the couch and munch on CHIPS, or sit on the couch and eat an APPLE
Have a COFFEE, or have a TEA
Wait for your friend to COOK FOR YOU, or JOIN YOUR FRIEND in the cooking process (as much as you could)
Read a BOOK, or watch TV
Expect your friends to CALL YOU, or CALL A FRIEND far away who would be happy to hear you on the phone
Have your friends ASK YOU how your feet is feeling, or ASK YOUR FRIENDS how their days go
See a DRAMA movie, or see a COMEDY movie
TRUST your friend to drive your odd car and take you to a party, or STAY HOME in the safe zone
BE DISAPPOINTED with the people who didn't check on you, or RESPECT THEIR CHOICE not to call you every single day
ASK questions, or ASSUME answers
Focus on the POSITIVE, or let the NEGATIVE take over

Choices, choices, choices... :)
This week I learned to ask for help, I learned to accept to be helped, I learned to be patient (somewhat!)...
What I also learned is...I have chosen the best friends! Again! :-)

ps. I even chose to keep my Saturday flowers promise! Thanks, P.!

Thursday, October 07, 2010

life with crutches - Part 2

Day 4. Cabin fever is taking over. I must escape! Determined to keep my dental cleaning appointment I call a cab to take me to the dentist office...which by foot is merely 650m away, but the one way streets and the park in between makes for a fun 2km ride. Before I know it my teeth are clean and I can go home. The light fog, the mellow weather, the smell of the Autumn captivate me and I decide to go home by foot, and by crutches. I mean, c'mon, it's only 650 meters, I can see the park from the office's front door, and my house is just on the other side of the park...It can't be that difficult! Well, can! It took me about ten stops to rest, and 30 minutes to get home. My face dripping with sweat, my t-shit soaked too! On the positive side - I saw a couple of picture perfect spider webs (and their habitants), sprinkled with morning dew; a few golden leaves danced for me before landing on the wet green grass; I filled my lungs with fresh Autumn air. I love Autumn! Curious observation - five people offered sympathy to my slow motion movements. All five of them were 60 and above years old. I guess, they are the ones that can relate, they know we are not invincible, their life is more in sync with the pace of my walking... Harmony at its best! :-)

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

life with crutches

Have you ever wondered what it is to be in a wheel chair? Or to have a mobility disability? I have! And these days I am getting some answers... On Sunday, after a wonderful afternoon in Amsterdam, I picked my bike from Utrecht Central Station and...fell off of it, ending with a broken foot bone and a cast. That last sentence actually summarizes a few hours of running to the doctor, radiology, first-aid, etc. etc....and the same friend who recently saved my broken spirit (see blog I had it) now helped with my broken foot. Will I ever manage to say a proper thank you? :) Anyway, aside from a very sincere thank you to all my friends who are helping me these days with the grocery, with the food, and entertaining me, driving me to places, being 'there for me' in person, of via the internet...I also want to share - life with a cast and crutches is a pain in the neck! (not only in the foot!) Every simple chore you do on a daily basis becomes a big effort, many extra muscles get involved, your healthy leg get exhausted from taking all the weight, showering is tricky, you can't even bring a glass with water to you table...because you have to hop...and before you know it, the water is spilled on the floor...Just try it and you'll see... But, nothing I can do about it, 3 1/2 more weeks in the cast...and all the fun that comes with it! :-) I can't wait to be back on my feet - literary! And appreciating it in a very new way!

i want to know his story

Do you know this man? I want to know his story...

His shoe polishing stand is on the South exit of the Amsterdam Central Station and one could easily not notice him amongst the crowds of people getting in and out. I actually never seen him with clients, but he is there every time I go to Amsterdam...
The first time I spotted him, a few months ago, he seemed to have just arrived. I would guess he came from Turkey.
He was wearing a simple suit and a light shirt, buttoned up to the neck. He was standing by his shoe stand, tall and proud, hands together on the front, patiently waiting for clients. He looked clean, close shaved, well combed hair, nicely trimmed mustache. He was observing with curiosity, but also with modesty the passing by people, which made me believe he is new to town.
In the following months, he seemed more and more relaxed, and at ease, and finally, this last weekend, he was sitting on a stool and rolling a cigarette. Routine must have settled. Yet, he kept his professional look - looking clean and well groomed, the shoe stand well organized, ready for the next client...
What caught my eye the first and every other time though, was this man's face and presence - I saw confidence, self-respect, and determination. I saw a strong personality. I saw a professional shoe-polisher - proud of his line of work. I was captivated by someone at peace. And I want to know his story...

The picture below is from Istanbul - a few shoe-polish stands by the Spice Market. They had more business than the man in Amsterdam. But I wonder, would any of them dare to go on their own, step outside of the comfort zone and try to make it in a new world? Would they have the strength? Would they have a story?

Friday, October 01, 2010

today I had it

It's not the first time in my life I've felt weak, but today I had it. I normally deal bravely with living in a new country, using a new language on a daily basis, money shortage, emotional turbulence, work boredom, but these last couple of days mixed a strong cocktail of all listed ingredient and escalated the pressure in to the point of waking up this morning ... short on breath, heart beat as if I've ran for dear life, and a paralyzing terror - can I handle it all?! After a shower, coffee and a grapefruit juice, fully awake, I realized that the terrifying feeling that I'm losing grip is still with me. So it wasn't just a result of a nightmare. I was really on the verge of losing it... I needed a solid stone to step on, a safe place where to catch my breath, a trusted friend to look me in the eyes and without words to reassure me that I will be o'right. Given the day and time, almost everybody was not available. Expect for one, who coincidentally was coming back from a business meeting, and on his way to take his 8 month pregnant girlfriend to the doctor. It took 5 minutes altogether, to sit with a cup of espresso, to look me in the eyes and smile. I took his hand for just a moment, and a wave of peace came over me. The power of the human touch! No words necessary. And then I smiled too, pressure was gone, I gained clarity... I needed a tiny alignment to gain strength, and I've found it...a mental switch from a very bitter 'today I had it', to a blissful 'today I had it all!'

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A promise to myself

Do you like my Saturday flowers blogs? Yes, they only consist of a single photo ;-)
Because that's what they are all about... and here is why...
Once upon a time, I lived miserably in the UK. And I desperately wanted to return to the United States - my home. However Life threw a wrench in the works, and I had to look for a new job elsewhere. I applied for a job in the Netherlands, and I made a promise to myself - if I get the job I want, I will buy fresh flowers every Saturday! No matter what!
Well, in the Netherlands such promise is easy to keep, it doesn't even cost a lot...
But what's more important is to keep the promise, and I am! It's great to wake up on Saturday morning, have your morning coffee in town, and then pick some fresh flowers to brighten your days during the week to come! If I have visitors, I let them choose the flowers for me. It's lovely to have the flowers remind you of your friends after they leave. Even the rainy days are not so gloomy with some bright colored flowers!
I think I'm lucky with my decision to come to the Netherlands, and I'm happy to keep my promise!

ps. At the time of writing this blog I have cast on my leg, so...I will have to ask a friend to get the flowers for me this Saturday, but the promise must be kept! ;-)

old poetry

We crossed the line too many times Both, with kindness and with selfishness It isn’t clear where we stand I need to redefines my boundaries You want me as a trusted friend I want you as a friend and lover And while I’m keen on ‘open-end’ Doubt in your heart is hovering Not the we are any perfect Match selected by the stars But I felt our hearts were pumping stronger closely, than apart... (June 2010) REALIZATION ...I have to trust when nothing else is option ... My strengths and weaknesses adjust - part of an unstoppable comotion called life, and lust for it - the magic potion, ,I have to trust, will take me through the motions... (June 2010) 'AS IS' I felt an urge to tell you all - answer the questions I ignored As time is passing, my shield gets torn - I trust you with my soul You say I’m deep and fun, at once - could I be otherwise? I wonder… Like butterfly performing dance around a flame, without burning…I’m syncing our sins (May 2010) UNSPOKEN ...the food is always so delicious, the wine is smooth, the bread is fresh, pretend we not to be judicious, and easily succumb to flesh... you see by now two tangled bodies, refuse I firmly such decoy you feel like God, i feel like Goddess, let's take it slow and just enjoy... (April 2010) CONTRADICTIONS We live through UPs and DOWNs... What is an UP, what is a DOWN? Is it 'Give UP' the right direction? Is it 'Calm DOWN' a wrong sugestoin? My happiness might make one sad... My sunrise is someone's sunset... My only choice is ... move along, I have to be and I am STRONG! (July 2001) REINCARNATION Again... I put all the pieces together and glue them into a whole Me - laughing, loving, happy...whatever I've been always meant to be... (June 2001)

World Beach Project

Summer days are over!
But one memory is here to stay - a memory of a summer weekend, when Bart and I went to the beach. The plan was to stretch on the warm sandy beach and forget about the world...instead we became part of the world...entering the World Beach Project .
We did try to sunbath for a bit, but the wind made the sand feel like sandpaper against your skin, so instead we played with the rocks.
You could see our modest art piece on the map (it loads slow!) - choose Europe, then zoom in on the Netherlands and you will see one of the markers is 'Hoek van Holland'
That's us :)

Hope you like it, and if you ever go to a rocky and join the project! It's fun! :-)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Friday, August 27, 2010

Why Intelligent People Fail - Part 2

A few weeks ago a friend told me he'd found my blog and in his opinion my own entries are more interesting than the ones I quote from other sources. Could I get any better compliment? ;) Of course, the point was that my blog should carry my own thoughts...or else you will simpy buy a newspaper. Thus, I felt like I owe you my personal view on the article 'Why Intelligent People Fail'... so here it confession. First, I think the list of reasons well applies to both personal and professional side of life. And interestingly, both my personal and professional 'hick ups' could be attributed to the same weaknesess. At least I'm consistent! Lack of impulse control, spreading myself too thin and inability to delay gratification are my Achilles' heel. The common thread?...Lack of patience, hence the need for more and new activities to loose myself in...and I do! Too much adrenaline in my blood, I guess! But at the end of the day I often feel exhausted :( Now that I identified the problem (they say that's the first step towards resolving it), would I be able to do something about it? Let's see...and may be Part 3 of this post will follow. Until then, I'm open to hear your comments!

Sunday, August 01, 2010