Reiki Harbor

Harbor is a place where boats seek shelter from stormy weather or get mended before continuing on their journeys.

Reiki Harbor is a place to feel safe, to heal and recharge before carrying on.

What is Reiki? In Japanese ‘rei’ means “higher power” and ‘ri’ means “life-force energy.” It started in the early 1900s, by a Japanese buddhist named Mikao Usui, after an enlightening meditation on Mount Karuma. He was awakened with a power to heal and to empower others to heal. His tradition has been passed from Reiki Master to student since then. Reiki is meditative and spiritual in nature, but it is not religious.

Reiki is a safe, hands-on or distant healing in which the recipient lies and the practitioner brings Reiki to the body, balancing it mentally, emotionally and physically. It helps the body to self heal.

Reiki is particularly efficient for reducing stress, decreasing headaches/migraines, improving sleep, detoxifying, recovery from illness, relieving acute pains, and bringing emotional calmness.

I have practiced Reiki for more than ten years now and I am happy to welcome you to experience Reiki on your own.

My Reiki story

It was the Summer of 1998. I was telling a friend about my interest in a meditation class. I have always been a believer in alternative medicine. She suggested I meet her friend Ladi, who was just initiated with Reiki. I was a bit reluctant, but accepted to take a short treatment. It was a long and busy day at work. I had to rush to make the appointment. Busses were not on schedule and I ran a couple of blocks to be on time. I arrived exhausted and to be honest, a bit grumpy. But once I closed my eyes and the treatment began my fatigue and bad mood vanished in seconds. I felt cosy warmth from within, relaxation and peace.

A couple of months later I signed for Reiki 1 class with Leni Erica Gut (Switzerland). Two years later I completed a Reiki 2 class with Neil Harris (USA). After another year I continued with my Reiki training and became Reiki Master.

I have a full time job and I practice Reiki mostly with friends and family members, but also with new people that I would meet while traveling, through friends, or at social events. As Leni used to say – when one is ready for Reiki they find it.

I lead an active and dynamic life and Reiki has helped me immensly to go through the rough times and to appreciate the good times! It has given me peace and clarity when nothing else could. It has helped me stay grounded, but open up and meet so many wondeful people around the world. It has been a great journey.

"Iliana is a very kind person. Even though she didn’t know me, she helped me with my first distant Reiki experience. She shared her energy and time, which was precious and so helpful to me. And it really worked. Thank you so much, you have a place and host if you ever come to Bursa. Hope good energy and karma always finds you"
Goekccie, Bursa

‘Thank you very much for your healing… I experienced some flashbacks, but my feelings towards these memories are changing. I don’t know what will happen from now on, but at this moment I feel so good. Thank you very much.’
Lie, Japan


Reiki Boost Session (15 min) 
Full Reiki Session (45 min)
Distant Reiki Session (30 min)

Reiki 1 Class (1 day) price depends on the number of participants
Reiki 2 Class (1 day) price depends on the number of participants

During a Reiki session, you usually lie on a massage table or a futon, fully clothed.
For a Reiki Boost session you sit in a chair.

You can choose soft music or silence ambiance.
I offer Reiki sessions in the comfort of your home, or in my studio.

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